Benefits of Low-Moisture Carpet Cleaning

With Covid-19 running rampant among us, cleanliness is important. Not only must we keep our hands and eating surfaces clean; we must keep our homes sanitized as well. This includes any carpets we may have in the home. Traditionally, deep steam cleaning and vacuuming were among the top methods used to keep carpets clean and dirt-free. Recently, however, carpet cleaning professionals have begun recommending low-moisture or dry carpet cleaning. Unless your carpet is deeply soiled, low-moisture carpet cleaning can prove to be a better choice in the carpet cleaning process. Benefits from low-moisture carpet cleaning include less drying time and fewer bacteria and mold problems than traditional methods such as deep steam cleaning. It also provides a more sustainable and environmentally friendly solution than deep-cleaning. Ultimately, low-moisture carpet cleaning can extend the life of your carpet.

Carpet Dry Cleaning. Vector Flat Illustration.

Low-moisture carpet cleaning can have your carpet cleaned and ready for traffic in about two hours. Using less water to clean your carpet means it does not take your carpet the same 48 hours to dry as it does with traditional steam cleaning methods. As a result, there are fewer problems with bacteria and mold buildup. In addition, the quicker drying carpet is ready for traffic within a couple of hours. This is ideal for situations in which your home or business needs to be ready quickly after the carpet cleaning process.


Processes that require lots of water and chemicals are not environmentally friendly. With deep cleaning steam machines, there is a huge amount of waste. Many gallons of fresh drinking water is mixed with large amounts of chemicals and dirt and must be properly disposed of. Low-moisture carpet cleaning machines do not require the same methods of disposal as those that require lots of water. This is ideal for DIY carpet cleaners who want to clean their own carpets.


Finally, low-moisture carpet cleaning is better for the life of the carpet and flooring beneath the carpet. The low volume of water protects the carpet from stretching and prevents the water from reaching the flooring below. High volumes of water can saturate the carpet and allow water to reach the wood in the floor. In the long run that can lead to wood damage and cause the carpet fibers to weaken.


So, unless your carpet absolutely requires deep cleaning, it is best to go with low moisture carpet cleaning. It will preserve the life of your carpet, reduce the likelihood of building up mold and bacteria, and it will be more eco-friendly. In addition, the carpet will be as clean as if you had used deep steam cleaning.